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Eurographic Press celebrates 50


Eurographic Press (EP), the editorial association of European graphic arts trade magazines, celebrates more than 50 years of international editorial cooperation. Established in 1959, EP today enables leading magazines from 13 countries to exchange information and knowhow, and create the best possible content for the industry.

Eurographic Press was founded in 1959 by five editors: Jacques Gilliéron of Grafisch Nieuws - Nouvelles Graphiques (Belgium), Kurt Kohlhammer of Druckspiegel and then founder of Deutscher Drucker (Germany), Michel Brient of Techniques Graphiques (France), Vincenzo Tiralongo of Graphicus (Italy) and Bob Levisson of Graficus (The Netherlands). The aim was to lay the foundation for an information network based on an interchange of ideas, and open this network to like-minded editors throughout Western Europe.

Today, EP unites magazines in 13 countries, covering the printing and publishing industry from the west of Portugal to the east of Poland and from the north of Finland to the south of Italy. By organizing special press-briefings, round-table discussions and exclusive meetings, EP-members provide the industry with high-quality content.

As internationalization and globalization have become important issues, the EP network ensures easy access to up to date information from all parts of Europe.