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EP covering the graphic arts industry

Eurographic Press (EP) is an unique association of leading trade-magazines in Europe for the graphic arts industry. Established in 1959, EP has evolved into an experienced working community, co-operating on an international scale in exchanging ideas and information. By organizing special press-briefings, round-table discussions and exclusive meetings, the EP-magazines provide their readers all over Europe with the latest news, state of-the-art overviews, and up-to-date background information.


Consider Eurographic Press as an international meeting point. From the west of Portugal to the east of Poland, and from the north of Finland to the south of Italy, professionals in print find the information they need to keep up with the latest developments in graphic arts. Covered by Eurographic Press.


Gareth Ward

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Eurographic Press celebrates 50

  Eurographic Press (EP), the editorial association of European graphic arts trade magazines, celebrates more than 50 years of international editorial cooperation. Established in 1959, EP today enables leading magazines from...